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VX3 Grip Socks Benefits

Benefits of Wearing Grip Socks

Enhance your game – The VX3 Grip Sock is designed to help you in training or in a game to be the best player you can be.

Improve Speed and Agility – Our grip sock will have you glued to your boots. Whether you’re sprinting after the football or stepping past the defender in rugby, the VX3 grip sock will prevent the slipping and sliding inside your boot.

Prevent Injury – The VX3 grip sock has a supportive lock around the ankle to prevent injury in your ankle and knee when playing. The majority of injuries are caused in contact when playing sport, with our anti-slip technology and ankle lock this will restrict your ankle and foot slipping in contact.

Comfort and Hygiene – Our VX3 Grip Sock is designed around comfort. Thickened around the heal and toes, our socks prevent blister and rubbing from your boots. A padded sole on the grip sock is designed for comfort when running, landing and sharp movements. Our moisture wicking breathable material allows the grip sock to draw moisture away from your foot to prevent slipping on them hot or wet days on the field.

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